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FOMO [Fear of Missing Out]

It's everywhere. Technology pervades nearly every aspect of our lives, and credit union members increasingly embrace it. Are you?

If you are sitting on the sidelines while banking on your members' loyalty, you need to know that their fear of missing out on the latest and greatest financial technology is real. While they likely appreciate your authentic service and tangible value, they are continually enticed by your competition's bells and whistles. That means it's time to take action and accelerate your digital transformation with fintech made for credit unions, or you may find yourself missing out. Fortunately, you can accelerate your digital transformation while staying true to your credit union's people-first values.


Digital Solutions

Many fintech companies are ready to partner and provide digital solutions for credit unions to both anticipate and respond to members’ needs. Do you need to lend deeper to the underserved or need support to compete with fintech for financing member loans? Curql fintech portfolio companies Zest AI and WithClutch can position your credit union to serve more members effectively. Imagine if your credit union could communicate with members in all digital channels, including text and video banking, through one easy-to-use platform. Curql fintech portfolio company Eltropy can make this a reality.

Your members are choosing “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) solutions for an increasing number of everyday purchases. There is an opportunity to meet a need at your credit union with a BNPL solution through a fintech partnership. And it’s no secret that your members are likely utilizing some type of person-to-person payment technology. But did you know there is an option that puts credit unions first? Curql fintech portfolio companies equipifi and Neural Payments are ready to get you and your members started so you can take advantage of these growing emerging markets.

What if, in addition to offering financial literacy, your credit union had a tool to manage the relationships and offer every member a path to approval? Curql fintech portfolio company Credit Mountain can not only help members understand their financial position but help them take action toward financial wellbeing.

There is an amazing opportunity to leverage technology solutions such as these examples to offer members an exceptional digital experience at your credit union. Do not miss out on winning your members’ primary financial relationship because you have not gotten ahead of their fear of missing out on the leading technology.


Learn More about the Future of Fintech

Your credit union is not alone when it comes to identifying and adopting various fintech solutions to meet member needs and exceed member expectations. The credit unions that are a part of the Curql Collective are aligned in our mission to bring fintech to credit unions. Curql Collective credit unions are connected to the industry's future; they are not just in the room but have a seat at the table to learn from and engage with some of the best and brightest fintech serving the credit union industry today. Having a seat at the table includes valuable access to cutting-edge fintech and opportunities to collaborate with credit union industry leaders, exclusive access to discounts with key fintech, bi-monthly webinar events, and access to the Curql Portal. The opportunities to collaborate and engage with other progressive credit unions through Curql Collective has created a critical mass that enables credit unions to share advice and take part in a cooperative effort to shape the future of our industry.
If you would like to learn more about our mission and the strategies we employ, we welcome the opportunity to share our vision and hear from you about how collaboration with the industry can help drive digital transformation at your credit union.