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Curql Fund II Reaches First $100 Million in Investment Commitments

Des Moines (April 2, 2024) – Within months of opening Curql Fund II, Curql Collective has announced that it reached its first key milestone of $100 million in investment commitments. The commitments thus far come from 24 credit unions focused on strategically investing in transformative fintech.Investors in this funding round are 3Rivers FCU, Affinity Plus FCU, Apple FCU, Ascend FCU, Coastal FCU, Community First CU of Florida, Corporate Central CU, Desert Financial CU, Educators CU, ELGA CU, First Florida CU, Georgia’s Own CU, GreenState CU, Idaho Central CU, IH Mississippi Valley CU, Lake Trust CU, Red River CU, SchoolsFirst FCU, Telhio CU, True Sky FCU, Truliant FCU, Vantage West CU, VyStar CU, and Washington State Employees CU.

“With the speed of market shifts, staying nimble and remaining relevant, are understandably top priorities for every credit union leader right now. Joining forces with other, like minded and innovative credit unions to bring promising fintech to the industry will allow us to stay ahead of the curve and provide our members a superior experience. Vantage West is proud to join Curql Fund II alongside this impressive list of innovative credit unions.” said Sandra Sagehorn-Elliott, President/CEO, Vantage West Credit Union

“When we announced the fund in late 2023, we knew it would be received with great enthusiasm. However, the initial response in a short amount of time has exceeded our expectations. And at the same time, we are just getting started as we will continue to tell our story to credit unions for several more months,” said Curql Collective CEO Nick Evens.

While fundraising continues to gain momentum, Evens highlights that the ecosystem Curql has created is not just about strategic investment but more about advancing a credit union’s digital journey with fintech in a way that both work together to create a more transformative experience for the member. “Our credit union partners are the most collaborative and innovative, and together we are finding transformative technology to advance the mission every single day.”

“After a year in the Curql ecosystem, we’ve seen the benefits firsthand through enhanced connections with forward-thinking credit unions and innovative fintech. Investing in Curql Fund II felt like the logical next step, allowing us to further our commitment to the collaborative environment Curql fosters and the community it serves,” shared Paul Kirkbride, Chief Operating Officer of WSECU.

As Curql Fund II begins to make investments, it will continue to accept commitments through August 31, 2024. Curql Fund II will focus on strategic investment in a diverse ecosystem of fintech founders as it did with Curql Fund I, which is now fully subscribed with 28 fintech in the portfolio.

About Curql Collective

Curql Collective is a collaborative ecosystem of progressive credit unions and innovative fintech. Through a family of funds including Curql Fund I, Curql Fund II, and Curql Accelerate, Curql strategically invests in the visions of entrepreneurs to bring transformative technology to credit unions to revolutionize how credit union members engage with financial services in the digital age. As the on-ramp to fintech collaboration and innovation, Curql connects credit unions with the future of the credit union industry. For more information, please visit